Health Facilities and Services Review Board

Amendments to Rules Part 1130
HFSRB approved October 7, 2014

Adopted amendments
Administrative Code
PART 1110

Effective April 15, 2014


Year 2003 amendments to the Health Facilities Planning Act include a new Section 12.3 that states that "… the State Board shall review, revise, and promulgate the criteria, standards, and rules used to evaluate applications for permit."

This Web site has been established to provide information regarding activities, processes and key dates regarding development of new rules.

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Comments are welcome from all parties - organizations and individuals. In order to assist staff in the sorting and analysis of your input please provide the form below as a cover sheet to your submittal.


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Health Facilities and Services Review Board comments may be submitted by both e-mail and regular mail.
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Health Facilities and Services Review Board Rules Management

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